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Login to the FW

ssh to node1 or node2 of FW

sudo -i 

and enter your password

Adding new LB record:

List of ip associated with FW:

ifconfig -A

If IP already in this list -> we can edit LB configuration.

LB configuration is:

vi /etc/relayd.conf

to add new LB configuration you need to add to the file records like:

        listen on EXTERNAL-IP port PORT
        protocol tcp_relay
        forward to INTERNAL-IP port PORT

replace EXTERNAL-IP, INTERNAL-IP, PORT with appropriate values

Save config.

Check syntax:

relayd -nf /etc/relayd.conf

If syntax is OK. Load new configuration:

relayctl reload

Check new running configuration:

relayctl sh relay

Adding new record on FW to allow traffic to pass and be Loadbalanced.

FW config

vi /etc/pf.conf 

Find in config file section called RelayD and subsection related to subnet, which IP you going to add.

#  Relayd

# Subnet

After that add record like:

pass quick on $IF_ext inet proto tcp from any to EXTERNAL-IP  port {PORT1, PORT2, PORT3}


pass quick on $IF_ext inet proto tcp from any to EXTERNAL-IP  port PORT

Save config file. Check syntax:

pfctl -nf /etc/pf.conf

if syntax ok. Reload FW:

pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf


Check VPN status

ipsecctl -sa  - list of ipsec SA established for each tunnel (each network to network pair)

ping -I - ping other side of the tunnel