Citrix Netscaler

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Netscaler packet trace[edit]

NSTrace allows to perform full packet captures on NetScaler


Official Documentation[edit]



 nstrace -filter "DESTIP ==" -link ENABLED -size 0 -time 10 -name sample_trace
  • -filter: supports a lot of parameters. DESTIP can be the vServer's IP address.
  • -link ENABLED: follows the frontend and backend requests (from the client to the vServer, and from the NetScaler to the server)
  • -size: setting it to zero will not limit the size of the capture.
  • -time: duration in seconds.
  • -name: name of the file.

Retrieve files[edit]

Files are located at:


and can be retrieved by SCP. They are named sequentially if you did not specify a name in the nstrace command.